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Too strange to live.

Too weird to die.

(Please note that all photographs and written material in this journal are copyrighted Simon Field. No copy or transmission may be made without express written permission.)

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abiding regrets, alias, angels massive forehead, armageddon theorising, arrested development isn't funny, art, art nouveau, behold! my penis!, being a secret king, being harder than god, being sexier than jesus, being_officially_sexier_than_hitler, being_the_best_tour_guide_ever, being_the_finest_magician_of_our_generation, benevolent megalomania, billeh!, birds of prey, black and white photography, breaking_livejournal_lists_by_using_underline, breathing, buffy, building_monuments_erected_to_barrowman, campaign for real daleks, clean mountain air, collecting too many dvds, comics, countryside, creating arthurian legend, creating imaginary fantasy worlds, dalek porn, david bowie, dead like me, denying abby is thirteen, doctor/rose, drawing, drawing bonnie, drooling psychopaths, due south, endless cups of tea, exploring abandoned buildings, fan girls, fanfic, farscape, femslash, fight club, filling out online forms, firefly, friends, funny self destruction, futurama, garners inappropriate sexual tension, gayschanel, glamourous copperhaired lesbians, hating enterprise, history they dont teach, hugs_cuddles_snuggles, ice in the beard, illuminati, inventing new swearwords, kaylee, king arthur, kinky kitchen tables, kung fu combat sex, lesbians, marilyn monroe, messing with *your* karma, movies, oppressing the welsh, overthrowing governments, painting badly, passion, poetry, politics, polyamorous lesbian cousins, pony man, poppy montgomery, pornopoppy, proving abby is old, psychology, rachel nichols chest, reading crappy fiction, rebecca locke, riotgrrls, river tam, rose/dalek, samantha bicycle gangbang spade, sci-fi, sexy photographical accidents, shivaree, snow up to knees, spanking moonbeams, spiteful recognition of tomorrow, summer glau, sydcest, the cult of simon, the inside, the west wing, tim minear, tori amos, transmetropolitan, turning barrowman into_a verb, uncertainty modulation, veronica mars, virgil webster, walking in ancient places, whisky, wilful_denial_of_the_true_nature_of_reality, willow, winter, wonderfalls, writing_like_a_fucking_god
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